Recruitment interview
Customer Service

Cost of recruitment verses cost of outsourcing customer services

Investing in customer services recruitment is a big process for businesses. Companies recognise its worth in providing a good quality service for their customers, but tying into any long-term employment commitments can be stressful. Committing time to interview candidates and to find a suitable customer services employee can add pressure to a business which is

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Quick turnaround customer services team working in contact centre
Customer Service

What is quick turnaround customer services?

Quick turnaround customer services is hassle-free customer service support for companies who don’t want any long-term commitment! Businesses often assume that commissioning a contact centre, to take care of their calls and digital messages on behalf of their business, is going to be a long-drawn-out process. They also worry that they could end up locked

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Christmas Orders

Preparing your website for Christmas orders

Across the UK retailers are beginning to think about Christmas 2023, which for many stores now means transforming their rails and shop windows, to entice Christmas shoppers through their doors during the coming months. Afterall, promotional signs and windows displays are all extremely important to capture customers’ imagination and to encourage them to have a

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Quality Data | Customer Credentials
Data Protection & Compliance

Why is good quality data, so essential to businesses?

It’s a fact, that all businesses need data to run effectively, you just can’t operate a successful business without it. Companies rely on quality data for all sorts of reasons, including a customer’s name, address, and contact details to administer orders, deliveries and returns, product and order information, which helps them to plan when ordering

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Influencers demonstrating review on make-up products
Customer Service

How influencers can leverage your customer service

During the past decade the industry of online influencers has boomed! From bloggers chatting on YouTube to TikTok stars, influencers are becoming house-hold names across the world. Retail advertising used to be solely monopolised by trained or trainee actors and models, placed on studio sets with extra-large budgets. This is not the case anymore, with

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Employee Wellbeing | Creating happy work environment to create business growth
Business Planning

Employee Wellbeing – Giving your business a boost this September!

It might be back to school for the kids, but it’s also back to school for businesses! September is a fabulous month, for companies across the UK to re-align with their business goals. Become inspired by new ideas and encourage growth planning to develop through the second half of this year’s commercial calendar. Following the

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Christmas Shopping | Creating extra time for yourself through Outsourcing Christmas Cover

Planning Christmas Cover

It might only be the first day of September, but businesses across the UK are already underway with planning their Christmas timetable, to ensure that every single order is met over the coming months. The autumn time can be the busiest period for UK retailers, with many relying on this season to build their best

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Digital Experience | Shopping online - Laptop with retail icons.
Digital Customer Service

Building a positive digital experience

The beauty of digital e-commerce is the fact that your shop is open even when you are not available 24/7 – 365, unlike a bricks and mortar store which must be physically open and be continually supervised. Using digital technology to generate sales, means that orders can land in your inbox during any time of

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Consumer Data Security - Secure Login with password protection
Data Protection & Compliance

Why Protecting Consumer Data Security Has Become So Important

Ever remember setting your password as ‘Password123’? Come on, at some point we have all used that example! In the early days of internet security, did we ever believe that IT intruders would want our information? We never considered that it would be of any use to anyone else and would happily tap our bank

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