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Call Centre Services

Finding the right approach when looking for a UK contact centre

If your company is struggling to maintain a good level of customer service and ongoing support, or you experience short term surges in volume that it’s difficult to recruit for, then choosing to outsource your customer services by contracting a UK contact centre is naturally the next step. Understanding what information you will need to

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beating cybercrime
Customer Service

Reducing Cybercrime within Customer Service Security

Fraudulent activities are all too ever prevalent within today’s environment and neither your business nor your customers want to fall victim to a cybercrime. Whilst regularly we are told not to hand over personal details or not to open that unscrupulous email, often somehow cyber criminals still seem to get the better of both businesses

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Business Development

What is BPO and how can it benefit your business?

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), was originally associated to the manufacturing industry yet these days it applies to product and services outsourcing across many industry sectors. Quite simply it is where a company hires a third-party provider to handle a variety of business services and is used by small startup businesses up to large multi-national companies.

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KPI graphic - Data Cleansing for the best results
Marketing Data

Why outsourcing your data cleansing is good for your business

The term ‘quality over quantity’ is as important in respect of customer data, as it is with any other business process. Whilst accurate customer data and marketing metrics are key to building success, approximately “28% of customer services are impacted due to marketing and sales data being incorrect”, according to If a business’s marketing

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UK Sports Retail Running Club

UK Sports Retail shows no sign of diminishing

While some areas of the retail sector have struggled over recent years in terms of sales and growth, the UK sports retail sector has continued to hold its own. As a nation of sports enthusiasts from Cycling, Football and Rugby to Racket sports in Tennis, Badminton and Squash to Gym fitness, Yoga, Palates and Thai

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Coronation for the King
Customer Service

Customer Service is about treating your customer like a king

This weekend is the coronation of King Charles III. In addition to the global coverage, it is anticipated that millions of UK citizens will come together to celebrate the event throughout the bank holiday weekend. So, this got our WeAnswer customer services team thinking! – “What is it like to be a king and how

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woman administering
Social Media & Digital Marketing

How to harness your marketing data and use it effectively

If your online sales are sluggish due to the current climate, then it’s time to draw on your customer database and utilise your marketing data, which you have worked so hard to build up, over the last few years. Afterall, it is far easier to sell to an existing customer than to a new customer.

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Green energy improving costs for energy customers
Customer Service

Supporting energy customers with greener alternatives

Due to a sharp rise in fuel costs and interest rates, paying the price for winter fuel has been notoriously tough for UK energy customers during this last winter. In reaction to the situation, the green UK energy sector is growing and there are indications that change in market suppliers are occurring. As a result,

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Building digital CX within your business
Digital Customer Service

Building successful digital CX

Digital CX (customer experience) can no longer just be labelled as just another bolt on option in a business toolbox. Digital CX has to be cemented as an integral part of communication and forms the basis as to how company and customer builds their relationship. For businesses starting out, it can be tricky to know

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