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Schneider Electric is a multinational corporation that specialises in electricity distribution, automation management and produces installation components for energy management.

The Challenge

Prior to 2002, Schneider managed its inbound customer and client response in-house. The calls were generally of a serious nature and often business critical. The crux of the call was to ascertain the nature of the issue, the exact location, the customer’s level of cover and to assign the appropriate engineer from a comprehensive database. Considering the time and geographically-sensitive nature of the call, accuracy and efficiency was paramount.

They needed a flexible, professional outsourced partner that could provide a centralised, round-the-clock service to so they never missed a call.

The Solution

WeAnswer assessed the Client’s requirements and developed a bespoke telephony system that integrated seamlessly with Schneider’s own systems. It was designed to adapt to the changing needs of the client as its requirements, and those of their customer’s, matured.

WeAnswer acted as first-line response to all inbound calls from both the Client’s customers and the general public. With the consideration of some callers be anxious or concerned, WeAnswer only assigned call handlers who were experienced at dealing with heightened situations and were able to escalate concerns in an efficient and calm manner.

WeAnswer helped streamline Schneider’s engineer response systems so automated notifications of engineer call-out were sent immediately to all authorised recipients. Managers at both Schneider and WeAnswer could then easily oversee the efficacy of the callout system and check issues are addressed swiftly. WeAnswer also devised a means of integrating engineer rotas and contact lists to reduce risk of human error and further streamline processes.

Benefits to the Client

  • Centralised control point for engineer and service accountability
  • Customers can contact the Client 24/7/365 and get a swift resolution to any issues
  • Flexible service where fluctuations in call volumes does not impact on the Client’s operations
  • Assurance that calls are handled by professional, courteous staff used to dealing with heightened situations in a calm and efficient manner, while maintaining high levels of accuracy.
  • Bespoke, secure systems that integrate seamlessly with the Client’s system.
  • Innovative development of Client’s own system to optimise efficiencies and reduce human error.
  • Weekly reporting showing all call activity and advising of any issues.
  • A consultative approach from an outsourced partner committed to system improvement and client satisfaction.

Schneider has worked with WeAnswer for over 12 years and we have been consistently impressed with their integrity as a company. They promised a partnership approach and have delivered just that.

Our account managers are proactive and responsive and we are secure in the knowledge that our calls are handled with professionalism by staff who understand the importance of being an ambassador for Schneider and to treat all our customers with respect and care. I would not hesitate to recommend WeAnswer.

Senior Project Manager

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