A good brand image isn’t born from just a good logo

Understanding the elements of brand image

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Companies work hard and invest a lot into their brand image. Taking the time to analyse their corporate identity and promotional marketing material to be stylish and appeal to prospects. Furthermore, a slick logo and a memorable strapline gives business owners a feeling of ownership and something to be proud of.

Whilst having a polished brand is extremely important, a well-run business should also be backed up by other resources. This helps to create a company structure that within the customer’s eyes, runs as efficiently as possible. One of those crucial elements is providing good quality customer service in respect of managing enquiries, queries, orders and returns.

Afterall, having a good logo unfortunately just isn’t enough to build a positive business reputation. If the foundations aren’t built with the customer at the centre of the business, then investing in a well-presented corporate identity and marketing material becomes a wasteful exercise and subsequently detrimental to the company’s overall brand image.

Considering customer service as part of the brand image

The best method to approach brand image is to incorporate customer service as an integral part of the whole company persona.

Evaluate which areas of customer service works well and where improvements could be made. Analyse and understand previous good and bad customer scenarios. Build an understanding as to how processes could change for the future and think about how these could be implemented.

Rely on third-party support

Not all businesses have the resources to deal with customer service support UK as effectively as they would like too. Therefore, by using a third-party business like WeAnswer provides the ideal resolution. When a company is struggling to respond to customers, outsourcing customer services through a UK contact centre takes the strain off the business. Furthermore, by relieving the pressure in terms of recruitment, training and investment, the outcome for the customer remains the same – receiving good quality customer service.

To find out how our trusted customer services team can help your company with out of hours customer support, call answering and digital communication, please get in touch or see our outsourcing customer services information for more details.

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