A new bill to replace EU GDPR

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Since the completion of Brexit, the UK has been given an opportunity to create our own regulation which is free of anything determined by the EU. Whilst this provides a great opportunity for UK government and businesses to determine our own path, in going forward, it is hoped that in terms of EU GDPR, that we won’t divert too much!

The reason being is that the EU GDPR has had a positive effect on protecting consumers over the last four years. And whilst initially it was a huge adjustment for UK companies, businesses are now getting to grips with GDPR and appreciate that consumers should have the right to be protected but would still like some freedom when it comes to marketing and communication.

With the new ‘Data Protection and Digital Information Bill’ set to replace the existing EU GDPR, the final amendments are currently being considered and within this there are many new aspects which seek to modernise the current EU GDPR bill alongside new digital innovation. This is because, at nearly four years old, EU GDPR is showing signs of being out of touch with current technology and the way which businesses would like to use data.

Although originally it was effective in supporting consumers, it has meant that on many occasions companies have felt shackled by its level of authority. In the new UK GDPR bill, it is hoped that the legislation will be less consumer heavy and more accessible by providing UK businesses some leverage to use consumer data respectfully, yet still putting the UK as a positive champion for GDPR.

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