Back to School Season is in full swing for UK retailers

Back To School Season

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As retailers get into the momentum of the Back to School season, the competition between businesses both online and on the high street, has never been so challenging.

Not only are retail business still recovering from lost sales during the pandemic, but they are also fighting against rising inflation and higher running costs. Throughout the next 3-to-4-week window, tailoring campaigns to consumer preference is vitally important to reach sales targets.

So how can retailers make the most of the back-to-school season?

The objective is to choose primary core products to promote the business and then work on the message. Whilst some retailers will focus on price or fashion trends, others will concentrate on quality and durability.

Creating a punchy message – First of all, create a punchy line which will capture attention. Assess the audience to understand who you are speaking to (is it the parents or is it the kids!). Don’t write an essay, instead keep it short and snappy and use words which everyone will understand.

High quality images – Secondly, good quality images taken in the right setting, speak millions for a product. Images which are bright and bold and those which trigger customer thoughts to capture their attention, can really create a striking piece of promotional material.

Using the right medium – It’s worth recognising that not one size fits all when it comes to marketing a retail business and so having a strategy which works across all elements of a promotion is fundamental. Consider both email marketing and social media marketing to communicate directly with audiences. Provide hooks such as financial offers to entice consumers to investigate further and create clear buy now methods to encourage interested consumers to place an order.

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