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The beauty of digital e-commerce is the fact that your shop is open even when you are not available 24/7 – 365, unlike a bricks and mortar store which must be physically open and be continually supervised. Using digital technology to generate sales, means that orders can land in your inbox during any time of the day and even out-of-hours. The benefit to this, is that as long as you fulfil your order delivery times, you can manage your time to be both productive and flexible.

Being prepared to accommodate customers through a positive digital experience can be tricky for business owners, especially when they are dealing with other areas of the business. However, it is extremely important to continually evaluate and test your digital sales and marketing tools to ensure that you are capturing those orders and enticing customers when they feel that they are ready to buy.

Evaluating the digital experience

  • Research – Start by understanding which digital methods you have in place to promote the business. Create a visual chart with all the sales and lead generation funnels which feed into the business, such as websites, social accounts, influencers, and product affiliates.
  • Recognise – What is successfully working, and which aspects will need your further attention. Assessing areas for improvement will enable you to enhance your customer’s experience and develop a streamlined approach.
  • Test – Test that all your digital tools work to understand their efficiency. Try them out on different devices / screen sizes to ensure that no matter how your customers access your business and navigate through the buying process, that they are receiving the best possible digital experience.
  • FixImprove any digital processes which are lacking in competence. Implement strategies to revamp their technology and visual appearance, with an aim to create better customer engagement.
  • Communication – Analyse your customer communication. If a potential customer sends an email or sends an enquiry through the business social account, then who is picking it up and responding? Sales are easily lost when the level of communication and response times are poor. If this area of your business is over-stretched, then it is worth considering outsourcing your customer services to a company like WeAnswer. We professionally communicate with customers on your behalf and help to grow sales and create positive customer service experiences, so that customers will return to make repeat orders.

Finding Support for Customers

WeAnswer provide a range of customer service support tools to UK businesses who are looking to effectively manage their customer base. Through back-office virtual assistant services, contact / call centre support and digital customer assistance, we work closely with companies to manage their customer’s expectations. To find out more about our UK customer service opportunities and how to outsource your customer services, please contact us.

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