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Customer Services Channels

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Within customer service, ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ and so it is important for UK businesses to explore and implement as many customer service channels as possible.

If we think about demographics, customers shop in many ways, as does the way in which they access customer service facilities. For example, physical store visits, online shopping, and teleshopping not only results in a purchase, but can also subsequently prompt a contact query.

In response to this, by offering a diverse range of customer service options, retail companies are able to reach out to customers with a positive approach towards customer support and provide them with the opportunity to communicate, based on their customer service channels method of choice and at a time which is convenient to them.

According to the recent Convers-AI-tional Nation Report, conducted by customer engagement platform, “Next, M&S and B&Q are leading the way when it comes to the number of customer communication channels available to shoppers”. The report also revealed that the retail brands who offered several methods to customers, in which to contact them, were also able to respond with answers to questions in a timely manner.


The proof that customer service channels can be a success

For those businesses who offered a range of customer service channels, the report recognised that the companies were financially rewarded with, “The top 10 retail brands for customer service having over £7.2bn more than the average turnover of those brands ranked in the bottom 10”.

The fact is, that by offering a range of customer service channels, customers feel looked after and therefore, they will both return and recommend. This helps to build brands further, after all successful brands aren’t just built on a creative logo and a stylish product, but also on the provision of excellent customer service.

Here at WeAnswer we provide a range of customer services options to assist businesses when they need that extra level of customer service support. Choose from calls and phone support, online messaging and digital email support or opt for a combination of both, through our dedicated customer support service. To find out more please contact our customer services experts.

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