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Union Jack Flag representing the British Brand

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For retailers who are looking to market their British brand, there are lots of wonderful aspects to draw upon, to promote and entice customers this season. Manufacturing your own products which you are proud about, not only encourages great feedback but is extremely rewarding for your business.

UK consumers have a keen eye to buy British and recognise this in the products and service which they buy into. Therefore, it is time to promote why ‘buying British’ is so great this Christmas shopping season.

How to successfully promote your British Brand

Design – Historically Great Britain is recognised for some great original design style pieces, from iconic high street fashion and music to sports equipment and the classic Mini car model. Throughout the years we have oozed design appeal to both consumers, nationally and overseas.

Emphasise on quality – You know that your products are fabulous in terms of quality compared to overseas competitors, so shout about it! Paying for quality equals timeless style and longevity.

Celebrate reduced carbon footprint – Knowing that a product is made in the UK, using locally sourced materials is commendable. With a relatively low carbon footprint in terms of delivery and transportation, this is something that environmentally conscious customers will consider when sourcing Christmas presents.

Go easy on the packaging – Even the largest UK stores are now committed to using less plastic and packaging in delivery. By reducing packaging, it not only saves cost in materials but also saves on the cost to deliver the parcel, as both the weight and the height are reduced. Furthermore, select eco-friendly packaging which is recycled or can be composted to help reduce impact on the environment.

For British retailers looking for extra support through the Christmas season, WeAnswer are here to assist your team. With no need to lay out additional time on recruitment, with our company you can plug and play your customer service. From 1+ calls, we take the stress out of customer service including order enquiries, delivery support and returns advice. To find out more about outsourcing your customer service this season, please contact our customer service experts.

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