The challenges faced by haulage drivers

haulage drivers - M25 motorway

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Brexit and the regulations imposed by COVID, haven’t been an easy time for UK haulage drivers and our European counterparts alike. Having driven to Folkestone first-hand, during February 2022 half term, it was very visible as to how many lorries must wait to cross the channel. Parked up in rows of 3 or 4, the lorries tailed back for miles. It appeared that, the time taken to process through UK customs could be longer than the time spent driving.

Whilst it is probable that haulage drivers have become used to this situation, the drawn-out paperwork process must be questionable. For those logistics companies who work efficiently to deliver goods between the UK and Europe, it is evident that lots of planning must go into each trip. Consequently, supply chains are coming under mounting pressure to expect haulage companies to deliver goods within anticipated deadlines. Inevitably, retailers, fulfilment and warehouse businesses should offer realistic despatch times for the delivery of goods, at the online shopping cart.

Preparing haulage drivers

Behind the scenes, supply chain flow is essential. From collection to delivery, applying the correct paperwork and effective tracking is crucial. This means that, when delivering from A to B it is as straightforward as possible.

Meeting customers’ expectations

Offering realistic timeframes is fundamental so that customers’ expectations are met. Keeping up to date throughout the delivery process, customers are contented in knowing that they will receive the product within the given deadline.

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