A clear returns policy encourages customers to buy again and again

administering a returns policy

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With the online retail sector ever growing, outlining a clear returns policy for customers to follow is essential. Whilst returns procedures can be a real bugbear for retail businesses, it is paramount that these companies have a suitable returns procedure in place. So why is this so important?

If customers can’t return goods or if the returns process is too complicated, then unfortunately they are unlikely to make a repeat order. As with all sales groundwork, the hardest part is encouraging a customer to order in the first place. However, when an order is placed and if the service is top quality, then customers are strongly likely to re-order knowing that they have received a good service from a trustworthy brand.

“A recent consumer study indicates that a customer who makes a first purchase has a 27 percent chance of returning to your store. But if the customer returns and makes a second purchase, the chance of another repeat purchase goes up to 54 percent”, according to www.marcuslemonis.com.

The reason for the dramatic increase in repeat ordering, is that customers know what to expect throughout the order process. Furthermore, if the purchase doesn’t meet their needs, they can return without any pressure. By administering a simple returns policy, the decision to buy is much easier and encourages the consumer to order again and again.

Coping with returns policy enquiries

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