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All UK sectors are working towards becoming carbon neutral. This is in response to the UK government’s strategy to decarbonise all sectors and meet their 2050 net zero target. Details can be found at: Net Zero Strategy: Build Back Greener – GOV.UK (

In respect of incoming and outgoing UK logistics and supply chains, this means investigating alternative methods to reduce carbon footprint and become more environmentally viable. To fulfil their obligation, here are just a few examples of companies who are working towards carbon neutral processes:

Steps towards carbon neutral

  • Recycled packaging – Often unable to re-use and only used for a short time through the transportation of goods, packing is one of the worst offenders in creating unnecessary waste. Furthermore, sadly it often ends up in landfill. To counteract this, since 2015 Amazon have sought to reduce their packaging waste by 36%. This means that, packages are now regularly delivered in recycled cardboard boxes, rather than previously packaged in plastic bags and bubble wrap. Amazon sellers can find out more about packaging goods at:
  • 3D printing goods – Constructed with robotic equipment, 3D printing / additive manufacturing is making a subtle break through in the manufacturing industry. Innovative businesses are investigating ways in which goods can be printed on site and on demand. This means that, in future less stock will be needed to be stored which equates to less required premises space. Additionally, if items are printed on-site then very little transportation is needed to deliver goods. Selfridges at Oxford Street, London is currently featuring a great example of this. Installed on-site at their retail premises, it’s 3D printing robot prints stylish home interior products using recycled polymers.
  • Net zero airfreight – Historically airfreight has been one of the biggest contributors to negative environmental impact. However, under a new scheme launched in 2021 by Logistics UK, Route to Net Zero Commitment, has since seen 14 members sign up, including the likes of DHL, John Lewis and UPS. Their aim is to help all members either decarbonise or off-set carbon emissions. Furthermore, as the aviation industry advances, focus on low carbon emissions and fuel efficiency within technology is at the forefront of aviation. Finally, this has influenced the likes of British Airways and Easy Jet, to offset carbon through dedicated projects.

Finding extra resources in support

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