Consumer Data, What to Keep & What Not to Keep!

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Since the introduction of UK GDPR, the onus on how we store consumer data has been put on UK businesses across the UK. During 2021, Faster Payments broke the record for the highest number of payments processed in a single year. With heavier reliance on online shopping, consumer data is being processed for orders and deliveries on a phenomenal scale. Subsequently with this, comes a vast amount of storage requirement for names and addresses, contact details and bank details.

Safe Consumer Data Practice Methods for Retailers

As a customer services supplier to the retail sector, WeAnswer regularly manage lots of data. Through our own experience, retail businesses should be clear on what information they intend to keep and how it’s stored. Certainly, to achieve this retailers can process a variety of methods to ensure that they are meeting GDPR requirements. These include:

  1. Operate a secure website by applying an SSL certificate, otherwise recognised as a padlock symbol in the URL website address.
  2. Use a third party registered gateway to manage payments.
  3. Provide a privacy policy on the website which outlines customer information, which the business intends to keep.
  4. Provide a cookies policy which outlines how the business intends to track movements around the website.
  5. Give consumers the right to unsubscribe from regular marketing updates.
  6. Inform consumers that their old records have the right to be deleted.
  7. Do not circulate data to third parties outside of the business.

Here at WeAnswer we take GDPR data protection extremely seriously. Furthermore, all consumer data is securely managed in line with our GDPR policy. All clients contacts and their details are confidentially stored and accessed through secure servers, by our highly trained customer services employees.

Finally, to find out how we can help to support your own customers through a variety of customer services options, including through Digital, Phone / Voice, our Dedicated customer service, virtual receptionist or outsourcing customer support, please contact our customer service experts for more information.

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