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Years ago, contact centres provided the only means of customer service support to consumers, other than physically walking into a store to speak to a customer service representative. However, with the growth of online retail, customer service has moved more into digital chat support services. With many businesses often being unique from one to another, so too can their communication needs. In this week’s blog, we look at the positives for both contact centre and digital chat, to help companies make a clear decision as to which method will suit their business best.

The positives of Contact Centre Support

Contact Centres previously known as call centres have been around for many years. Often provided as a means of customer services assistance for consumers to get in touch about product enquiries and sales, delivery information or returns. Their benefit is that there is always a person to discuss enquiries in detail, who follow a specific protocol throughout the conversation. Throughout the discussion, consumers feel confident that they are being supported and that their concerns are intently listened to. They can make contact at a time which suits them, finding the customer service agent both polite, and knowledgeable about the products.

The positives for providing a digital chat service

In more recent years, digital chat has become a more popular method for businesses to engage in customer communication. With customers feeling far more confident in using this method, the opportunity to provide this service through email and social media messaging or through a website chat bot, provides a diversity of customer communication tools for businesses.

In addition to this, companies can easily provide out of hours services and the responsibility to reply to customers is shared amongst employees, rather than the requirement of a single employee to monitor a phone line. They also follow a tailored customer service strategy which is funnelled to pinpoint exact details of the enquiry, without getting into too much conversation. This type of customer service can be financially viable for businesses who still want to demonstrate that they are there to meet customers’ needs 24/7 365.

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