How to cope with customer communication in a post pandemic era

customer communication

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There is no doubt that for many businesses, the pandemic has changed at least some aspects for the way in which they work, including managing customer communication. With less face-to-face contact, many companies are relying on audio conversations and internet communication, more than ever before. So how can businesses keep that continuity between customer and company to remain accessible in terms of good communication?

Businesses should focus on a clear communication strategy which provides a variety of methods for keeping lines of communication open. In doing so they can resolve problems quickly and mitigate bad reviews.

Examples of good customer communication include:

Email Notification – Although sometimes underestimated, email notification is a powerful tool to send customers information direct to their email inbox. It allows businesses to share news, product, and service information, whilst through their order processing it provides:

  • Email Order Confirmation – Information outlining order details, total cost and estimated delivery date is the first step.
  • Dispatch Confirmation – ‘Your order is on its way’, is a gentle reminder that as a business you are on the ball. Furthermore, the customer is clear as to when they should expect their order.
  • Delivery Confirmation – A submitted receipt for successful delivery of goods and a clear returns policy, should the customer need to take these steps.

Website Information – There is nothing worse than arriving at a contact page and the contact information is not available for a customer service issue. Ensure the page clearly outlines how enquiries / returns are handled. Within just a few steps, correctly navigate customers towards the right contact method.

Social Media – Customers communicating through social media won’t hold back, especially if they are annoyed over a customer service issue – inevitably they will want to share it, with everyone! Mitigate this by providing clear methods for dealing with customer service enquiries through social media accounts. This may mean introducing a constant level of social media monitoring and clear questions to understand the problem.

Call Centre – Customers who use a phone method to get in touch, will want to access a telephone phone number immediately. Make sure the customer services telephone number is clear and that call menu options are reduced to avoid waiting times. Create a clear script to manage the call and show empathy towards the customer’s concerns.

Outsourcing Customer Service

Is your company facing a growth phase and is keeping tabs on customer communication becoming too heavy to handle? At WeAnswer, we provide a range of customer service tools. Together with, a team of experienced customer service experts, to help businesses stay in control of their customer communication. To find out more about outsourcing customer service and our range of voice and digital support options, please contact us.

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