Cost of recruitment verses cost of outsourcing customer services

Recruitment interview

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Investing in customer services recruitment is a big process for businesses. Companies recognise its worth in providing a good quality service for their customers, but tying into any long-term employment commitments can be stressful.

Committing time to interview candidates and to find a suitable customer services employee can add pressure to a business which is already dealing with so many other daily tasks. Navigating through all the variables is a tough ask, and finding an employee with the right credentials and previous experience to join the business is challenging. The role also comes with extra responsibility towards adding value to the company brand, through one-to-one training to achieve professional handling of customer enquiries and so that they can be dealt with in the right manner. Finally, the company needs to commit to their employees in terms of their personal obligations such as performance pay, holiday, sickness and hybrid working demands.

Relieving the recruitment process

On the other hand, by outsourcing your customer services to a company like WeAnswer, we can relieve most of these pressures. The reason is that because our business only focuses on customer service, we understand the qualities required to build a professional customer services team, but at a fraction of the cost to your business. Contracted as your dedicated team, we build relationships with your customers, on your behalf as if they are our very own. The difference is that in terms of your company, there are no CVs to trawl through, no extra time needed to spend on interviews or training, and no package perks required to entice candidates towards your customer services role.

Furthermore, you can plug, play, and pause, your outsourced customer services team whenever you like – for a single campaign, a busy season or only when you need some extra holiday cover, we can take care of your specific needs.

Don’t delay! If you immediately need to take the pressure off your business and urgently want to get up and running with a professional customer services team within a couple of weeks, please get in touch or see our website for more details.

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