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Customer service is more than meeting the needs of customers, it is about going above and beyond to achieve excellent customer satisfaction. A customer may get in touch with a business because of all sorts of different reasons. They might not like the product or service because of a personal decision or because it is faulty, the delivery may be late or missing or they might want to change the delivery time. For whichever circumstance, handling the enquiry in the correct manner helps companies to retain their brand reputation and prevent further escalation of irritation.

So how can business be more pro-active when it comes to improving customer satisfaction?

  1. Provide information – Following an order, provide the customer with as much information as possible. This will help them to understand the next steps and help them, should they come across an unforeseen situation. Important details could include delivery tracking and order updates or how to return an item. By making it easy for customers to communicate with a business will immediately reduce any negative anguish and they may find the information that they are looking for without even having to get in touch.
  2. Be responsive – If a customer does get in touch via a call, through an email or by messaging on social media, it is imperative that the business responds as quickly as possible no matter what the query. Opening up the conversation and assuring the customer that your business is there to help will keep the situation calmer whilst the query is being resolved.
  3. Listen carefully – Be approachable and listen attentively to the customer’s information. Gather as much detail as possible to understand the situation clearly and so to plan the next steps on their behalf. Repeat back to the customer a summary of information, so that the facts can be double checked.
  4. Next steps – Describe what the next steps look like. What to do, who will be in touch and when. By forming a plan that works for both the customer and the business will create an attainable outcome.

WeAnswer believe that outstanding communication is key to achieving excellent customer satisfaction. If your company is struggling to provide good customer service, then we can help. Through outsourcing customer services to our professional team of customer services UK experts, we deliver positive communication through phone and digital customer support, on behalf of UK businesses. To find out more about gaining valuable support to deal with customer enquiries, please contact us.


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