Customer Service is about treating your customer like a king

Coronation for the King

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This weekend is the coronation of King Charles III. In addition to the global coverage, it is anticipated that millions of UK citizens will come together to celebrate the event throughout the bank holiday weekend.

So, this got our WeAnswer customer services team thinking! – “What is it like to be a king and how can we treat customers with the same level of admiration”?

Treat a customer like a king

  • Becoming a king requires building respect from others.
    Building respect is a two-way relationship between two people or parties. Respect requires being truthful, it also requires empathy and a good listening ear to understand circumstances and deliver on your promises.
  • To be a successful king requires offering good communication.
    As a ruler of a country, a king speaks to citizens of all ages, nationalities, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. They must not discriminate, instead give each person the engagement time which they solely deserve. This approach also transcends into our own customer service experiences, especially when our advisors speak to customers on behalf of businesses. We are there not to judge, instead we are available to offer friendly and helpful support to customers, to achieve an acceptable outcome for everyone involved.
  • A competent king provides an efficient service.
    Becoming a monarch is a full-time job which takes enormous commitment to the nation. It means staying true to your word and providing a leadership role to fulfil promises and get the job done! Here at WeAnswer we pride ourselves on providing an efficient service to customers so that they can trust our capabilities and feel assured that their needs will be met.

Finally, are you thinking of outsourcing your customer service to a reputable UK based customer service support company? WeAnswer are on hand to help businesses who need customer service support and to help companies who are ready to grow. To find out how we can assist your business further by putting your customers first, please get in touch.

Happy Coronation 😊

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