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Customers are more than willing to share their personal data with a trusted brand if they know that it will be used in the right manner. If they feel that they have been misled in anyway then the repercussion is that they won’t trust the brand and will shop elsewhere.

Building a trusted brand

Building a trusted brand is paramount for business longevity. Here are some recommendations to ensure that you keep your customer data in check:

Don’t share data – It is important that companies treat data responsibly and stick to their customer promise. This means that businesses shouldn’t share their data with third parties which could take advantage of their position. Instead, be clear about how data is used and provide a privacy policy which outlines data use.

Providing secure platforms – Encrypted safe areas for customers to provide further information is essential. Websites should carry an SSL certificate to secure digital services. Through this, customers are protected when they enter personal information including bank / credit card details through online forms. Furthermore, they are aware that data is safely stored, and that sharing information online cannot be intercepted.

Tailoring the experience – Customers like a tailored experience and by gaining their trust, they are happy to provide further information. In doing so, they appreciate that ‘products that they might like’ or tailored delivery and collection services which suit their availability will be offered to them. The more customer data that a trusted brand can gain, the more the business can adapt their services. By perfecting their communication, positive customer relationships are built, which creates further sales revenue.

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