Delivery miscommunications are an issue for consumers

Delivery Miscommunications

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In a recent press release by Sorted, a dynamic delivery company who provides data driven checkouts, carrier management and delivery tracking to UK businesses – they expressed concern that “75% of consumers stopped purchasing from a retailer due to delivery miscommunications”.

Online retail is at an all-time ‘high’ in sales, following the pandemic and our increasingly swift move to buying online.  Retailers are finding it difficult to keep up! Topped with oversubscribed or poor delivery / courier services. These sometimes offer no tracking information and increasingly customers are having to contact retail suppliers on multiple occasions to find out where their goods are and when they are likely to be delivered.

In a survey of 2,000 UK consumers, aged between 18 to 35, they found that over the last six months delivery miscommunications have significantly risen. On average, many of those surveyed had to contact customer services twice for information about their deliveries.

What can be done to reduce delivery miscommunications?

Companies are encouraged to create a more unified approach to shipment and reduce the impact of delivery miscommunications. Delivering on the date which they have promised and offering up to date SMS messaging or email communications, as to when and where the parcel will be delivered is paramount. This offers a seamless approach. It allows your customer service team to focus on other aspects of customer service support rather than delayed deliveries.

Not only will this type of customer service delight your customer, but also validates the business as a recommendable brand. Furthermore it encourages consumers to return to your shop on another occasions.

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