Driver Licences Review welcomed by the Logistics Industry

driver licences for learner haulage drivers

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November 2021 saw some fundamental changes for learner drivers and their driver licences within the logistics industry. Whereby, if new drivers held a provisional lorry licence which was issued after 15th November 2021, they could learn to drive in an articulated lorry (category CE). For those with provisional licences issued before this date, it would mean taking extra steps to upgrade their provisional licence. This change in legislation enabled learner drivers to take their test in a large articulated lorry without having to pass one in a large rigid lorry (category C) beforehand.

Since then, the logistics industry has welcomed a further UK government review on driver licences. The requirement for an additional test for 7.5 tonne came into effect in 1997. However, logistics companies have regularly struggled with regards to recruiting extra drivers, especially throughout and following the pandemic. Whilst potential drivers are keen to find employment, unfortunately they don’t always meet all of the criteria.

Changes in Category C driver licences

Whilst road safety is a top priority for the logistics industry and their drivers, trade association Logistics UK, claims that by permitting a Category C licence holder (held for two years) to drive public service vehicles (PSVs) for maintenance and repair, will also ease pressures on logistics and supply chain operators.

In addition to this, the review will investigate weights on vehicles and therefore who is qualified to drive them. This is especially relevant to those considering zero-tailpipe emission fleet vehicles which are much heavier compared to traditional petrol and diesel vehicles.

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