Dry January doesn’t have to mean dry sales!

Dry January, doesn't have to mean dry sales. Let's shop online!

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Dry January is regularly known as a month when people who choose to participate, abstain from alcohol for one month, following the Christmas / New Year indulgence. Whilst the alcohol-free month is a good opportunity for people to embrace the outdoors and refocus their wellbeing, it is also a month to enjoy having that extra time to browse the internet and consider purchasing goods which we feel would benefit our lives or even spend Christmas money.

For instance, ever noticed why certain shops will promote their sports equipment and clothing in January? This is because for those looking to go out and embrace their new fitness resolutions, the clothing or equipment used often needs to be bought. Furthermore, DIY and furniture stores will promote offers on kitchens or sofas for those who plan to improve their homes and surroundings during the coming year.

This means that for online retailers, there is certainly an opportunity to engage with customers. The key is to publicise the message well.

Creating good quality advertising

  1. Make good product choices – Advertise products which are relevant to the time of year and meet customer demand. Choose products which will ignite a feeling in potential buyers.
  2. Use well-presented photos or video – Demonstrating the product and its detail helps to successfully illustrate the product. Use images which showcase the product and place it in a desirable setting.
  3. Provide a clear descriptive message – What is the product? What does it do? Is it available in a variety of colours? Provide enough information to satisfy the customer, that they know what they are buying.
  4. Be clear on call to action – How can customers buy and is the process slick enough to close the sale without too much hassle. Online customers will easily look elsewhere if the purchase becomes too awkward.
  5. Offer other related products – Promoting other products from your collection through ‘You might also like this’ with a selection of other goods which complement the customer’s product choices, will help to up-sell on the order.

Don’t stay stagnant through dry January

Dry January doesn’t mean that your business must stay stagnant, by making subtle changes you can open up new markets and create new customer bases. Offering good quality customer service to support customers with order enquiries, sales, and returns, will help to create on-going growth and keep your online retail business moving forward. To find out more about how WeAnswer can help your business with outsourcing customer service, please get in touch or see our website for further details.

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