Flipping an angry customer into a good experience

Angry customer on the phone

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At some point in time all businesses encounter an angry customer’! That type of customer who just isn’t satisfied with either your product or your service. Whilst for some there maybe just no pleasing, for others it is time for the business to look inwardly to assess what could be done better if it is happening regularly.

After all the beauty of running a business is that it is always has the opportunity to change as we continually learn. This means that companies can take the opportunity to flip an angry customer to a good experience, to make a positive out of a negative situation and understand how to eliminate the circumstance from re-occurring.

An angry customer is not always them; it could be your business!

So, what is the best means to work out as to why they are so disgruntled?

  • Start with a conversation.
  • Find out what the problem is and why they are upset.
  • Listen with understanding and empathy.
  • Offer an apology so that the customer feels valued.
  • Make notes as you go so that you can refer to them whilst you resolve the matter.
  • Include key dates and times and identify any other team members who have also been involved.
  • Seek assistance from within your team to process the grievance.
  • Keep in touch with the customer throughout the process.
  • Seek a positive resolution for everyone involved.

Following this,  it is important that the company assesses the problem to ensure that it doesn’t re-occur. This may mean changing a supplier or a delivery company. It may mean upgrading equipment or relying on extra resources / greater experience to help your business operate more successfully. Whichever the decision, inevitably it is vital that the company addresses the issue to ensure that it receives a positive review in going forward.

If your business is struggling to administer your responsibility towards handling your customer service, then WeAnswer can help. With our contact centre based here in the UK, we provide highly trained English speaking customer service experts to manage customers on your behalf. To find out more about customer services for UK businesses and to explore outsourcing customer services through both call and digital options for your business, please see our website for further details.

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