Fulfilling Christmas Deliveries

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Fulfilling Christmas deliveries is a monumental task for UK retailers. With Christmas just around the corner, across the nation people are busy planning and pre-ordering goods.

Coupled with Brexit and a post-pandemic era in the mix, this year shoppers are encouraged to buy early to save the disappointment of items being sold out. This means that the shopping season has arrived much earlier, than previous years. Consumers endeavour to confirm orders whilst goods are still in stock and to receive on time.

Subsequently, the situation is bringing greater pressure on logistics companies who are looking to meet demand. To alleviate pressures, retailers are encouraged to temporarily move away from next day delivery services. Instead they should focus on promoting a standard delivery policy. After all, many goods won’t be opened in the UK until the 25th December and so with a standard delivery model, this gives more than enough time for retailers to fulfil orders ready to dispatch goods and gives logistics companies a little leeway in delivering goods.

Meeting Christmas deliveries means fulfilling promises

The main focus for retailers this season is to fulfil promises! Consider what is a realistic timeframe from order confirmation to dispatch and delivery. Customers are happy if a parcel arrives when it says it will, even if it is scheduled for 3-5days in contrast to an un-fulfilled order which is promised within a shorter timeframe.

Not only does this save upset customers, but it also saves unnecessary calls to the business to track goods. It also alleviates apologies from the retailer to compensate for late goods. Finally, it creates a slicker system, which fulfils the customers expectations. This allows employees to get on with other tasks rather than following up late goods.

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