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So, you believe in your product! In your heart, you know that it’s a good quality product and that there is a desire for what you are manufacturing and selling, but do you really know your customer?

To a business, a customer is the most important aspect, in conjunction to the product or service they are providing. After all, customers need products & services, and products & services need customers. Understanding customers and who they are, helps a business to be clear about who they are selling to and allows them to reach markets further afield.

Know your customer top tips

  • Team collaboration – Start by gathering information from your sales & marketing teams. By collaborating, you can understand your existing customers and their buying journey when visiting your business.
  • Know your audience – Research your customers to understand their buying behaviours and their presence. Ask questions like, who are they and how old are they? Where do they live and what do they do for a job? What time of the year do they buy and how regularly do they buy from your business?
  • Customer segmentation – Once you have gathered the data, you can then begin to group the information based on aspects such as age/gender/demographics. This will help to drill down your target audience and where other customer bases could potentially emerge.
  • Identify the pain points – Understand the reasons behind what has driven the customer towards buying your product. Listen to customer feedback to understand how your product has helped them. Focus on promoting the pain points so that you may strike a chord with potential new customers who may be looking for a similar method in solving their own pain points.
  • Building a relationship – A customer relationship doesn’t have to start and finish with just one transaction. Through excellent customer service, your business can be present when there is a need, again and again. Work out how to sustain positive customer relationships and build a narrative through social media & email marketing, to keep them engaged.
  • Establish goals – How can you meet the needs of clients, and can you upsell with any other options which could boost your revenue income? How will you reach out to new customers? Work out how your goals can be achieved by drilling down on the tasks needed to accomplish growth.
  • Evaluate – Through your findings, you can evaluate and scope out what your existing and new customers look like. Define your goals and make a start on building a strong customer base. Report your findings so that you can evaluate your business to explore what the next growth phase might look like.

WeAnswer is here to help businesses keep in touch with their customers and to build healthy customer relationships. If your business is struggling to meet customer demand or only requires extra customer care resources at specific busy sales periods, then we can help.

With our experienced team of UK-based customer service experts, we can integrate a fully working customer services team into your business within just a few weeks. To find out more, about outsourcing customer services to our UK contact centre, please contact us.

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