Is the global supply chain crisis an opportunity for UK business?

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At this moment in time the global supply chain is wobbling. Following the pandemic, Brexit and now the Russian Ukrainian war, certain commodities are rapidly reducing and therefore prices are swiftly rising. Initially this rumbled a shockwave through UK industry, together with an element of uncertainty as to how we would cope without essential ingredients. However, the versatility of the nation has now set out to seek alternatives. Oil, gas, grains, and sunflower oil being some of the most affected commodities. In response UK businesses are having to rethink their practices by looking further afield than their regular supply chains.

Global supply chain reliance

Whilst relying on other countries within the global supply chain can provide a cost benefit through importing cheaper labour and materials, the problem is that our dependance can become too heavy and out of control. If we take China for instance, over the years our reliance on cheap imports has been lucrative, together with their extremely efficient export system. However, since their own COVID pandemic which saw extremely strict lockdowns, supply chains suddenly began to show cracks. This has swiftly become a concern for UK business, who have recognised that supply chains could breakdown at a moment’s notice.

Now that we are independent from the EU, the UK has a chance outside of the global supply chain. It has an opportunity to grow grains and support the fuel crisis through alternative options such as green energy. The challenge now is how we advance these developments to progress effectively and rapidly to meet consumer demand.

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