How to harness your marketing data and use it effectively

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If your online sales are sluggish due to the current climate, then it’s time to draw on your customer database and utilise your marketing data, which you have worked so hard to build up, over the last few years.

Afterall, it is far easier to sell to an existing customer than to a new customer. If they have received a good experience, then they already admire your reputation. If the previous communication process was positive, the customer will trust your business and therefore consider buying or recommending you again.

Building a campaign based on your marketing data

An email-marketing campaign is the easiest method to begin a conversation and reach out to customers new and old.

  • To begin with, update your website so that all your products and services are current and clearly defined.
  • Next bring your marketing data together with customer email addresses and contact details, so that you can begin a marketing campaign. Ensure that your customers have given email marketing consent and ensure that you include an un-subscribe option, should they wish to opt out from receiving information from you in the future.
  • Strategize your digital marketing campaigns for the quarter ahead. Find inspiration in relation to the seasons, monumental dates and promote your most popular products and services.
  • Build each e-mail marketing campaign around individual products and services by using excellent quality images and clear information. Complete with call-to-action links, so that potential buyers can investigate further or ‘Buy Now’.
  • Consider the best time of day or day of the week, to send your email marketing campaign out to your marketing data. This will help to deliver a positive engagement level and give customers the chance to consider and read more about your company.
  • Finally, follow up any placed orders with further keep in touch methods of communication, such as: Receipts, Dispatch notes, ‘How did we do?’, Measure our service’, or ‘You may also like ……’ These types of methods help to keep customers engaged, so that they may consider buying from you again.

Utilising customer services resources through WeAnswer

If your business is struggling to manage order enquiries and you haven’t got time for recruitment, then why not consider outsourcing customer services to WeAnswer? Our customer service experts take the pressure off businesses by promoting brands as if they are our own. The benefit to you is that we can grow your trustworthy and professional speaking customer services team, without you having to get involved in the process of recruitment. Furthermore, through our detailed reports, we provide essential statistics, so that you can fully understand how many of your customers have been in contact, together with the important details about their enquiry.

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