How a Call Centre Outsourcing Company Cares for Your Customers

How a call centre outsourcing company cares for your customers

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Have you ever wondered how a call centre outsourcing company actually cares for your customers?

We don’t know about the rest – but at WeAnswer, we take customer service seriously.

Today’s consumers have more choices than ever – which means they expect flawless and integrated customer service at every turn.

Many view customer service as an opportunity to sell and up-sell. And while it’s true that providing great service often results in purchases, this shouldn’t be the only motivating factor. When you outsource your customer management to us, we begin by understanding your customer experience.

One of the common mistakes businesses make all too often is telling clients what they need, instead of listening to their real customer service requirements.

Really listening and then understanding a client’s ethos, values, processes, and how they interact with the customer is the key to a successful partnership. Once we have a clear picture, we can start building and developing a model that meets our clients’ requirements and means that their customers’ experience is flawless. This all results in the customer feeling valued. A valued customer is more likely to return.



The customer service experience shouldn’t stop there; it should evolve and grow. At WeAnswer, this can encompass everything from supporting customers with FAQs, to embracing reviews and feedback. It’s then important to take this feedback seriously, and we subsequently make changes where appropriate. This is one of the key ways we ensure we delight customers on an on-going basis.

Caring for your customers doesn’t always require a massive budget or lots of technology, but it does rely on our business to instil strong, people-first values that permeate every facet of the organisation. This means that people at all levels, from agents to our chairman, are aligned in our ‘customer first’ ethos.

How does it work day to day?

Within WeAnswer, we have several tiers of supervision that enable us to take excellent care of your customers. Our agents report to Team Leaders, who are experts on each account. From here, our group of Team Managers handle staffing and operational delivery within the contact centre. They work closely with Team Leaders and Client Care to ensure excellent quality and consistency.

Our dedicated Client Care team set us apart as a call centre outsourcing company. They are laser-focused on ensuring things run smoothly each day. They are our first point of contact with our clients. And they are experts in relaying information and feedback between customers and the client.

The team spends time each day liaising with the agents so they are fully up to date with everything related to the service. If any changes, offers, or other events are due, they work with you and our agents to prepare for what’s coming.

We commit to regular face to face and phone meetings with our clients in order to discuss the delivery of the service. We’re always keen to work together to make improvements.

When it comes to the training of agents, our in-house specialist trainers take time working with each individual to educate them on the client. We give them the skills and knowledge needed to successfully serve customers.

After the go-live date, our agents go through a call listening process at standard intervals to check that the high quality of calls is consistent. They receive regular one-to-ones with their Team Leaders and Managers to track progress and give constructive feedback.

Working closely with our teams ensures that standards are kept high, and agents know exactly what they need to do to please and serve the customer.

In summary

The on-going care of customers is paramount. When you outsource with WeAnswer, we believe that your business is in the safe hands of a trusted partner. We, therefore, make every effort to look after your customers in the best possible way, always focussing on the quality of their experience.

For more information about how we can look after your customers, speak with one of our experts by arranging a call here.


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