How Customer Experience is being reshaped by retail technology

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Throughout the past decade, retail technology has transformed the way in which customers shop. These days retail businesses will mostly likely utilise some type of retail technology for sales, stock control or marketing. Through all these aspects, retail technology plays such a fundamental part in recording information and engaging with customers.

So, how has retail technology evolved to improve customer experience?

Introduction of PDA Technology –
PDA technology has revolutionised stock management and provided shop floor staff with prompt and up-to-date information on stock descriptions and availability. This has enabled them to engage positively with customers and answer questions which has supported their choices on what to buy.

Multi-channel retailing – Developing sales through social media channels and selling through a branded domain gives retailers further sales scope in addition to their own branded e-commerce platform. With templated sites and already developed audiences, for a small commission, e-commerce platforms offer retailers the opportunity to load their products and start selling straightaway. In addition to this, they don’t have to stick with one online option and therefore can pick and choose where to sell over several e-commerce providers. This means that they can choose where to sell, depending on the most popular audiences and according to the types of products they sell. Furthermore, this opens up their product visibility to a greater customer base.

Enhancing customer experience through AI & AR technologies – Over the coming years AI (Artificial Intelligence and AR (Augmented Reality) will shape the next decade for the way in which we shop. This revolutionary technology is creating virtual dressing rooms so that customers can try before they buy, directly through their digital device. Not only does this minimise handling and breakages, but it also provides other vital data to retailers such as what clothing or colour is most popular for trying on.

Autonomous retail is also expanding with customers being able to drop goods directly into their shopping bag and then charged to their online account once they leave the store. As an innovative time saving process, this means that scanning through a till may soon become less popular within time.

Improving customer support for your business

Is your retail business expanding and therefore looking for further support in customer services? WeAnswer assist many retailers across the UK who wish to outsource their customer service support because of lack of time and resources to recruit. To find out how can help your business through digital / phone and dedicated customer service options, please get in touch for further information.

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