How the online retail sector is merging back with high street stores

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Throughout the pandemic, the online retail sector boomed due to temporary shop closures. Fast forward into a post-pandemic era and yet again circumstances in the retail sector are changing. Consequently, customers are looking towards both online and offline shopping methods to achieve a positive experience.

Sadly, pre-pandemic saw many large well-known stores shut down for good. The closing of Debenhams and BHS sent a turbulent wave through the retail sector. This meant that, stores were no longer flavour of the month on the high-street, instead online shopping became desirable. Then the pandemic hit and customer’s weren’t allowed to visit high street shops, due to lockdown temporary closures. Subsequently this drove customers to carry out all of their shopping online. Subsequently, consumers craved getting back to real-life shopping experiences and began re-thinking their shopping habits.

With shops in full re-opening flow, high street footfall has remarkably seen confident growth over recent months. Driven by the fact that consumers are enjoying experience days out, people are enjoying meeting up to enjoy food & drinks, and a browse around the shops.

So how can the retail sector work evolve and embrace this new era?

The answer is the OMNI approach. Online retail is clearly here to stay, but now a balance is being struck alongside bricks and mortar too. This means that retailers should be savvy in how they bring the two options together to create a seamless shopping experience. Options such as collecting from store, ordering in store and delivering to home, save for later wish lists and many other ideas can utilise smartphone experiences, to merge physical browsing with online ordering.

Additionally, by analysing the data to recognise what’s in demand and provide both seasonal and staple items are key to meeting customer expectations when they physically visit a store. Finally, by offering good customer service, both in-store and online, establishes a company brand, perceived as approachable and helpful in giving customers the positive experience they are looking for.

Here at WeAnswer we provide that extra level of customer service on behalf of business and represent a line of communication through online customer services and call centre support. If your retail business is looking for extra help during busy periods or out of hours and including weekends, then our team of experienced customer service experts can help to alleviate the pressures on your business. To find out more please get in touch or see our website for more details.

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