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Building the right admin team to support your business is paramount in carrying out day to day processes and to build your future success. Supporting a variety of areas within the business from HR and finance, customer service, to sales and marketing, admin teams are on hand to dedicate their skills and be flexible according to where the support is needed.

Whilst in smaller businesses the administrative team could be driven by just a couple of employees, in a larger company it could be driven by a whole office team. Additionally, by acknowledging that the admin team plays a fundamental role in business development, directors are now recognising their importance and how they can influence their business through future growth.

So as an employer what sort of skills should you look out for to build your admin team?

  1. A friendly personality – Choose someone who is friendly and approachable, who you know would co-ordinate well with other team members and your customers.
  2. Willing to learn – Each business will have individual IT systems and processes. The employee might not know the system but as long as they are willing to learn, they will soon understand day to day business operations.
  3. A professional manner – Your employees reflect your business. Conducting a professional manner within their team and towards business customers will help to solidly build your brand.
  4. Understanding GDPR – Handling data on behalf of customers and within the business requires privacy and compliance. GDPR training on how information can be used will prevent a GDPR error which could be detrimental to the business brand.
  5. Sharing skills & ideas – Each individual employee brings unique skills to a business through previous employment role and experiences. As a company director it is important to recognise this and discuss how they could influence your own business.

WeAnswer offer extra manpower when businesses need more support in terms of customer service. Furthermore, if your organisation manages a high number of customer calls or digital enquiries and quickly and flexibly needs additional resources, then our teams are here to help you further. To find out more about outsourcing customer services through our UK contact centre and dedicated customer service support, please contact us for with your enquiry.

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