How to start building a customer focused team

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Building a customer focused team doesn’t have to be difficult, it just takes a little planning!

We are in November and the weeks are flying by, whilst the pace towards Christmas is building. If your retail business is rapidly working towards the busy season and preparing for Black Friday on the 26th November, our team at WeAnswer have some great tips to build a customer focused team over the coming weeks. Equally, to ensure that your company meets its goals and offers good quality customer service.

Top Tips for building a customer focused team

What does being customer focused mean? – Firstly, being customer focused means putting customer needs first! Customer focused businesses can  improve customer satisfaction and builder stronger relationships.

Creating honesty and transparency – Build honest promotions and marketing campaigns that communicate sincerely with customers. Be honest if problems arise and demonstrate how to fix them. Keep pricing structures transparent and don’t add hidden costs.

• What would you like customers to say about you? – Uniquely, what customers say about you, depends on how you treat them. Focus on core values and link these with practices within your business to keep strategies aligned.

• Creating team collaboration – Crossovers amongst teams are inevitable and so it is vital that sales and support teams come together to share experiences for both positive and negative conversations. Analyse where to make improvements and support one another to look after customers.

Putting communication first

• Effective communication tools – In reality, a huge bugbear for customers is to have to re-tell their issue again and again to different advisors. Implement effective communication to log last comments so that new advisors can view a thread and the history of a situation. This creates a more positive conversation from the start. Furthermore, customer service representatives can empathise with the customer’s situation and investigate on their behalf.

• Analyse the Data – In this case, data helps customer service teams to make changes and improve experiences. Introduce data insights and map out what the customer journey should look like for the future.

Furthermore, our professional team at WeAnswer knows how to take care of customer service by putting a customer focused team at the heart of our client’s brand. This equips businesses to focus on sales and business development to drive production forward. Find out how we can help your retail business by contacting us, or see our customer support website information for more details.

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