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The summer season offers a great opportunity to bring family and friends together for parties, events, and gatherings and what better way to host it, than by ordering food and drinks online.

Following COVID and the lockdown summers of 2020 & 2021, many food and drink businesses either setup or diversified to deliver delicious food hampers. Cream teas, afternoon teas, cocktail evenings, craft beers, farm to table produce, cheese and wine tasting collections, are just some of the options available to customers looking for something extra special to eat or drink, whilst entertaining in the comfort of their own home.

High-quality mail-order food

Delicious artisan foods and beverages are often hand-crafted, with high quality and locally farmed or produced goods, at the forefront of their business brand. Skilled artisans focus on high quality, well presented, unique flavours or methods and sustainability when producing these types of orders.

Is your artisan company delivering across the UK and looking to build a larger customer order base and offer comprehensive customer service support?

Preparing your business for growth

Our customer service representatives are on hand to receive mail-order food and drinks orders on behalf of your artisan business. By offering this valued level of support, we take the time to clearly understand your brand and your product selections so that when we are speaking with your customers, we can communicate professionally and listen intently to deliver the outcome which they are looking for.

We aim to create the ideal solution for artisan companies across the UK! We take care of customers on your behalf. This frees up time so that your company can focus on what you love most, making and promoting your products, discovering new ideas and working towards growing your brand name and building greater production capacity.

To find out more please contact us or see our website for more details.

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