Introducing Spring 2022 collections

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For retailers, February is an exciting month for clearing out the last of the Winter sales stock and introducing new Spring 2022 collections.

With the weather still holding onto the cold season, it’s a perfect time to promote those last winter stock items and recuperate the finances. Sales stock is great at drawing potential customers into a retail shop for a seasonal need or a bargain as items can be worn and used immediately. This also generates opportunity to showcase Spring 2022 collections recently released for the year ahead and maybe offers the chance to upsell.

Spring 2022 collections

In terms of Spring 2022 collections, launching new designs is all about getting to the customer first. With many companies now capturing email addresses, email marketing is the best method of communication to achieve this. Offer good quality photos of signature pieces, entice the customer to look further into the website to find out more about products and be transparent about pricing and delivery charges.

Of course, like with all retail sales, following a purchase there is always the need for customer support. This maybe in the form of processing sales orders over the phone or handling returns. Either method can take extra time out of an already stretched retail business. If your retail company is facing this situation and is not sure how to handle it, then why not consider outsourcing your customer service to WeAnswer? We provide a ‘play and pause’ customer service team who can deal with sales orders and returns through Digital, Phone / Voice or our Dedicated customer service. Not only does this take the headache out of permanent or temporary recruitment, but it also consistently opens the line of communication with your customers on behalf of your business. For customer services help to support your Spring 2022 collections and other seasonal launches please get in touch.

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