Juggling Summer Holiday Leave – Find cover with an immediate start!

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Hooray the summer holidays are here! Whilst anticipating a holiday is a great feeling for those taking a well-earned break, at the other end of the scale, summer holiday leave can put a strain on businesses and other team members. Afterall, picking up a colleague’s workload on top of existing daily tasks puts added pressure on employees, which can sometimes lead to deadline delays, loss of sales, or errors in support.

The challenge is, that business do not necessarily want to employ replacement staff to cover holiday leave by undergoing long interview processes, for only short-term placements. Inevitably, this drains resources at times during the year when a business is already under extra strain.

A successful holiday leave solution for your business

Alternatively, finding a temporary solution to support your business during busy holiday periods is available by means of virtual assistant and customer service support through WeAnswer. With an easy setup, plug and play facility, our professional administrators will have you up and running in no time at all and are on hand to provide remote administrative support.

Varieties of business support

We can become a valued member to your business, we take care of your calls rather like a personalised switchboard, we handle customer enquiries, book appointments, manage live chats and social media messaging and contact individual departments to relay and follow up with further information.  Furthermore, all our services are confidentially recorded and delivered, and no data is shared beyond your business, with any third parties.

Find out more about how we could support your company through the holiday leave season and keep your business continually moving. If you are looking for support to cover a particular resource or even looking for a temporary specialist to undertake a one-off project, then WeAnswer can help, so please get in touch.

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