Managing Christmas Returns

managing Christmas returns

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Often UK companies can find that working through January to administer Christmas returns, can be as busy as the lead time up to the festive day.

Is your business facing this situation yet again and not sure how to handle the process? Outsourcing your returns admin to WeAnswer could be the solution which your business is looking for.

According to Martin Lewis’s Money Saving Expert website, “Essentially, customers have 14 days after they receive their order to notify the seller that they intend to return the item and get a full refund – and if they choose to do this, they then have a further 14 days after notifying the seller to actually return the item”.

This means that customers are often on a mission to return items and will expect a refund as soon as the item return process is completed.

Processing Christmas returns effectively can benefit a business

Christmas returns can occur for many reasons and are often not because goods are faulty. They might not be the right size gift, nor to their taste or they may already own the same product. A slick returns process, to carry out the administration retains many benefits for a business.

  • Customers still feel that they can return to buy from the company again and again
  • Meets customer’s expectations and leaves them feeling contented with the process
  • Provides a friendly approachable service to customers
  • Protects the product brand
  • Provides the company with meaningful data insights which they can use to improve products and services

Is your company is going through a growth phase or are you facing a staff shortage? You could benefit from an extra administration team around the business throughout January 2022, or longer. To find out more please contact us at WeAnswer to find out how our returns and enquiries customer services strategy can benefit your business and your customers.

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