Managing Gift Returns

Gift Returns - Returning a parcel with delivery driver

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January can be as busy as the month of December for UK retailers. Whilst December is spent rapidly completing and sending out the last of the gift orders, January is a busy time whereby Retailers need to manage gift returns.

Administering gift returns efficiently to keep customers satisfied requires dedicated time and methodical processes. This means that retail businesses should consider the logistics of order returns by carrying out the following:

  1. Offer clear advice through your website on how to return goods.
  2. Provide a returns policy and terms & conditions for returns.
  3. Understand as to why the customer is returning the product.
  4. Check its quality and if it is good enough to resell.
  5. Locate the customer’s order details.
  6. Make a transactional refund.
  7. Update your stock inventory if you intend to resell.
  8. Check in with the customer via a call, social media message or email to explain the outcome of the return and the next actions.

Through the final step you can use the method of communication as a platform to promote alternative goods and promotional offers which can incentivise the customer to check back on your website or app at a later date.

The positives for processing gift returns

Don’t forget that retail businesses who offer simple return processes and good customer service are more likely to receive orders from the same customer or be recommended by them to others in the future and so it is imperative that you get it right.

Whilst businesses appreciate that managing returns can be effective for their store, they admit that they can sometimes be a struggle to manage, especially when new orders are coming into the business. Do you prioritise your time on new sales or returns? For retailers who are struggling with the process, WeAnswer are here to support you. Working closely alongside retail businesses we take the pain away from administering returns by managing the process on your behalf. Furthermore, this frees up more time for you to concentrate on new sales orders whilst giving peace of mind that existing customers are being taken care of. To find out more about outsourcing your customer service to our UK contact centre, please get in touch.

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