Managing your last-minute logistic demands

Christmas parcels and last-minute logistic demands

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So, your stock is stacked high in the warehouse and the Christmas orders are flying through the email inbox! The concern now is managing those last-minute logistic demands to meet your customer commitments, in time for Christmas.

With so many staff shortages this year, businesses are having to be far more creative to meet the Christmas demand. Many businesses make their greatest profits during the Christmas season. Therefore it’s extremely important that they get it right first time. Not only will this keep them profitable for their company but also encourages consumers to return again and again to place further orders.

To meet the demand over the next few weeks, many UK companies are administering an ‘All hands-on deck’ approach. Admin teams are encouraged to focus on warehouse duties. By offering help as shop floor manpower they can be of assistance and help customers choose gifts. Whilst initially this may seem an abnormal approach, the knowledge that employees will gain about the business could be advantageous to their own job roles and the overall development of the business in the long run.

If your retail company is facing a similar situation this season, here are some top tips to help through the Christmas season and fulfil those orders.

Top 6 Preparing last-minute logistic demands

  1. Ask for extra help from employees across all departments of the business.
  2. Create a streamlined approach to packing to optimise as much time within the day as possible.
  3. Keep morale up by allowing employees time to try a variety of daily duties and offer regular praise.
  4. Advance planning with your logistics provider will deliver goods to customers on agreed delivery dates.
  5. Keep an open line of communication with everyone within your team so that all employees and suppliers are clear on what is expected of them.
  6. Outsource your customer service to WeAnswer to productively manage customer orders and returns.

On behalf of UK retail businesses, WeAnswer offer a customer service solution focused ensuring that customers’ expectations are met. To find out how to outsource your customer service, please contact our customer service experts for further customer support.

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