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It is no secret that over recent weeks, logistics and returns companies have taken a bit of a blow lately, due to a shortage in drivers and complications following Brexit and Covid. Subsequently, many commercial businesses are now frantically trying to implement a better infrastructure, in preparation for Christmas. Planning a logistical supply chain to meet the demand often requires extra effort. Here at WeAnswer we urge companies to review their logistics and returns infrastructure. By doing this they can understand where to make improvements and minimise stress on logistics.

Peter Wilson, group managing director of shipping agency Cory Brothers, has warned that this year, there could be less choice on the shelves at Christmas. He is urging people to plan enough time ahead, if they want to purchase particular presents in time.

For this reason, here are our top tips to minimise logistics and return disruptions over the Christmas season.

Logistics and returns planning top tips

  1. Check that the business website illustrates the product as accurately a possible and provides enough description. Inspect size, colour, and materials to reduce unwanted returns where products don’t match their website photos.
  2. Review that the company can meet the demand of the delivery dates specified. Where possible offer more than one option such as a cheaper delivery price for those that don’t need the item to be delivered the following day.
  3. Apply tracking to orders so that customers know exactly where their parcel is and the delivery date to minimise enquiries.
  4. Know your supply chain in terms of who you use for delivery, take time to understand their business and their own infrastructure.
  5. Encourage customers to place orders early so that they can be certain, that purchases will arrive on time for Christmas.
  6. Make sure that enough stock is ready to distribute.
  7. Allow for alternative collection points where possible so that local customers can collect goods.
  8. Ensure that your returns policy is clear on the website and in the follow up information.
  9. Stipulate returns address and the returns procedure clearly.
  10. Use a call support / customer service company like WeAnswer to take care of your business back-office support and enquiries.

How we support clients

Here at WeAnswer we take care of customer support, on behalf of your business, so that you can focus on sales, business growth. This gives businesses the opportunity to invest time into other areas of the company that needs attention.

Our professional contact centre customer service team represents your brand as though we are based at your premises. We talk to your customers on behalf of your company to ensure that their needs are met and that their queries are dealt with professionally. This means that you can be rest assured that your customers are looked after and furthermore will recommend your business to others. To find out how our customer service team helps businesses, please talk to our customer service experts, or see our customer support outsourcing information for more details.

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