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customer complaints

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With customer complaints at an all-time high, according to a recent article by the – UK customer service complaints at highest level on record. It’s time for business to revaluate their customer services and assess where improvements could be made.

No business likes to receive customer complaints and so making steps to reduce negative feedback will benefit business growth. Complaints cost businesses a lot of money, from paying employees to handle complaints, to extra product replacements and further delivery costs. Not only does it portray companies in an unsatisfactory light, it can also bring down morale within the workplace.

So how can businesses reduce customer complaints and build a brand which customers feel contented to recommend?

Assess the product – Is the product, the best quality that it can be for the value price? If the business is receiving ongoing complaints about the product, then it’s time to re-evaluate its condition.

Review advertising – It is extremely important that customers receive exactly what is being advertised to them. This means, making sure that colour samples are accurate and that size dimensions are correct. Provide as much details as possible to help with the buying decision.

Quality packaging – Protecting products whilst in transit is essential in providing the best quality product, when the customer opens the package. Provide weather resistant packaging and choose environmentally friendly options where possible.

Keep delivery promises – One of the most regular customer complaints is ‘where is my delivery?’ Tracking and fulfilling orders within the proposed time, together with automated email / SMS updates will free up business phone lines and reduce administration times.

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