New export opportunities for UK business

UK Business - Reaching a global market

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It’s an exciting time for UK business! With Brexit firmly cemented behind us, UK companies are beginning to look further afield for new and greater global opportunities, as a means of exporting their produce.

With government backing from a new initiative, ‘Made in the UK, Sold to the World’, the UK government hopes to boost exports to 1Trillion, according to it’s November 2021 press release –

Furthermore, within their 12point plan, they outline their campaign launch, plus how the Export Support Service will act as a central point of contact for UK business exporters to Europe, navigating the technicalities of exporting for SME’s, export finance and much more.

It is hoped that by offering this greater level of support, that SME businesses will take the plunge and export their well-loved UK products to other countries around the world.


Communication is the key to success for UK business

Putting communication first is imperative and enables British companies the opportunity to connect with overseas, buyers’ distributors and representatives.

Researching the country you wish to sell to, to determine if there is a desire for the product is the first step. Secondly, understanding the culture and their customs, gives exporters a clear perspective on why customers like their products and if there are any other items which could also sell successfully.

Finally, learning the language and having a language speaking sales team to support the UK business, completes the communication link between exporter and customer. After all, customer service is still important no matter where the business is based and who you are selling too. Having a dedicated overseas customer service team in place, provides a strong connection and will encourage further sales and recommendations.

Are you looking to build an overseas sales team for your UK business? Here at WeAnswer we provide language speaking assistants to help with many types of customer enquiries and online ordering. To find out how we can help to grow your business with dedicated language speakers and without relying on permanent employees, please contact our customer services team or see our website for further details.

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