New UK laws for capturing data to boost business and protect customers

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Capturing data is a catalyst for many areas within business. Capturing data on best and worst performing products, customer feedback, plus supply chain and delivery information, gives businesses the opportunity to become leaner, improve efficiency and grow profits. However, what is imperative is that companies treat data respectfully, by not making a nuisance of themselves or handing over customer’s personal information to third parties.

Under a new UK government initiative, new data laws will be introduced over the coming months. Outlined as the Data Reform Bill, the new guidance aims to increase penalties on annoying callers and minimise the number of cookies which appear on the internet. The tougher fines will also include reducing bureaucracy and red tape paperwork . Their aim is to embrace the digital age and furthermore make the most out of Brexit.

Their goal is to further strengthen the UK’s high data protection standards, whilst reducing the burden on businesses. Furthermore, it is hoped that new innovative data partnerships can be formed. This will define clear consent on how capturing data information is used for the purpose of research.

Capturing data with respect

Contact centres are often tarnished with a negative reputation when it comes to handling customer data. Especially when customers have experienced situations whereby their information has been exploited. Here at WeAnswer we approach capturing data differently! All customer data is stored through our secure server and is used in accordance with our GDPR data protection policy. Furthermore, any client data submitted by our customers is never circulated outside of our company.

To find out how we can help you to grow your business by offering a professional customer facing, point of contact through our virtual receptionist, engineer support and contact centre services, please get in touch or see our outsourcing customer support information for more details.

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