Nicola Conquers the Himalayas (Sort Of!)

Nicola Conquers the Himalayas (Sort Of!)

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We’re proud to announce that our brilliant Sales Manager, Nicola, has successfully completed her Himalaya challenge.

Not only was Nicola able to reach the top of Poon Hill – her objective for this trip – but she also managed to raise £800 for the National Autistic Society.

Prior to taking on the challenge, Nicola undertook some training to ensure she was ‘Poon Hill ready’. This involved walking up Mount Snowdon multiple times, working out with weights strapped to her back and being put through her paces by her personal trainer.

After landing in Pokhara at the end of October (via Delhi and Kathmandu), Nicola had a rather bumpy drive to the starting point in Nayapul to start her trek. All together it took Nicola and her team six days to trek to the top and back down again.

Nicola Marriott Himalayas

Here’s what Nicola had to say about her once in a life time experience:


What was your favourite part about doing the trek?

This is a hard question – there were so many elements.

Nepal as a country is amazing and a visit offers a step back in time. Part of the trek took us on the ancient India to Tibet trading route, the history was just amazing.

Trekking with a group can be challenging in itself if the dynamics are not right. But I have to say the small group I was with was fantastic and we all gelled immediately. Most of us had a story and purpose for undertaking this trek. I was completely inspired and humbled by many of the stories.

Of course, there is the serenity and wilderness of the high mountains. You get to a certain height and even the bird sounds disappear, it is so peaceful looking out at over the vast Himalayan landscape at over 10,000 ft.

The final summit was of course the icing on the cake. We were very lucky to have such fantastic weather the spectacular panoramic view of Annapurna South (21,000ft), Annapurna I (24,000ft), the famous Fish Tail (20,000ft), Dhaulagiri (24,000ft), Manaslu (24,000ft) and many more peaks.

Where in the world can you see 3 summits of the 14 highest mountains in the world from one viewpoint? I took this from Poon Hill. You can see the summits but the picture does not do it justice.

Poon Hill Himalayas

What was your least favourite part?

I actually enjoyed the whole experience. If I had to choose something it would probably be the sanitation.

Using toilets which tended to be holes in the ground and footplates took some getting used to, but it was all part of the incredible experience.

This loo was actually one of the better ones.

Himalayas toilet

In the previous post you said your biggest worry was the 25-minute internal flight – how did that go?

It went, quickly which was all I could ask for. Actually, it was not as bad I had expected, it was only 25 minutes and the view of the Himalayas from the plane was stunning.

Did you ever feel like giving up?

No, not at all. There were some really challenging parts, and the very early morning final ascent to Poon Hill was a struggle but you just get pulled along by your team mates and walk very slowly.

What kept you motivated throughout the trek?

The landscapes would be one. Knowing the higher you get, the more breathtaking the views get, definitely keep you going. To be honest, although by the end of the day I felt very tired, I just wanted to keep going.

Do you have a funny story?

Mmm, we do have some funny stories, but as they say “what happens on the mountain, stays on the mountain!”

Is it the best thing you’ve ever done?

Oh yes, without a doubt and I am inspired to undertake more challenges like this.

There are so many beautiful but challenging places in the world and many are much more accessible now – so why would you not want to experience nature’s most majestic and challenging regions?

What’s next?

I am already considering Everest Base Camp either next year or 2020 with some of the group members from this trek. I can’t wait!

Group picture Poon Hill

National Autistic Society

The £817.62 raised will help the National Autistic Society to continue helping over 100,000 autistic people and their families. The National Autistic Society offers a variety of services which help those suffering from the lifelong condition.

Here at WeAnswer, we’re very proud to have such a caring team who do a lot to help raise money for charity. We believe it’s important to give back and help those who are less fortunate. A huge well done to Nicola for making it to the top of Poon Hill and raising a substantial amount for charity, we’re proud to have you as part of our lovely team.

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