Why out of hours customer service is so important for businesses

Out of Hours Customer Service Assistant

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Historically when a business closed for the day, so too did customer service support. However, with the expansion of internet-based businesses and social media communication, out of hours customer service now needs to work in synergy and on behalf of companies to meet the communication needs of their customers.

With busy lives and important work commitments, often it’s at the end of the day or even weekends, when customers find the time to address their own needs for product returns, replacements, or callouts. This means that retailers and support contractors require the right infrastructure to capture enquiries and address the needs of their customers. Failure to do so can leave customers feeling unsupported, which could lead to bad reviews and negative recommendations for the business.

Usually, whilst businesses recognise the benefits for addressing customer support, the challenge is as to how will they implement the resources to meet customers’ expectations during out of hours, especially having already completed a full day’s work. Consequently, this is where outsourcing out of hours customer service assistance can relieve the situation.

Implementing out of hours customer service support

Here at WeAnswer we dedicate teams to help UK businesses with out of hours customer service support. With flexibility as to what the out of hours service looks like, the choice for how this works is completely up to the individual business. For example:

This means that, our team at WeAnswer are completely governed by the businesses whom we look after, for the amount of support they require, no matter how small or large.

To raise your customer service support up to tip-top condition and to find out more about our flexible out of hours customer service assistance, please get in touch with our team or see our website for more details.

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