Why outsourcing your data cleansing is good for your business

KPI graphic - Data Cleansing for the best results

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The term ‘quality over quantity’ is as important in respect of customer data, as it is with any other business process. Whilst accurate customer data and marketing metrics are key to building success, approximately “28% of customer services are impacted due to marketing and sales data being incorrect”, according to econsultancy.com.

If a business’s marketing data comprises of inaccurate information, it not only weakens sales but can also undermine the brand and lead to financial loss. Afterall, sending out marketing campaigns to data which is no longer in use or sending a parcel to the wrong delivery address, effects the business in both time and cost.

Data Cleansing improves sales growth

Alternatively, by outsourcing data to a specialist data cleansing company can be positive. Not only can they clean the information quickly and effectively, but they also tailor the information to the marketing needs of the company, whilst double checking for accuracy and relevance at the same time.

  • By operating a business with good quality cleaned data, a company will inevitably improve its effectiveness by making informed decisions based on the information.
  • Email marketing campaigns are tailored based on clearer demographics.
  • Sales growth is improved because the business is contacting the correct person.

Here at WeAnswer, we help to deliver value for money where customer data is concerned. All customer data managed by our in-house UK business centre is updated and cleaned as part of our communication process. Customer data is treated in confidence and only shared with the business whom we are representing.

Understanding the results

Finally, through our proficient KPI feedback, we demonstrate to clients the number of customer conversations and the content outcome of the call or digital communication. This means that businesses know exactly where they stand with their customers and allows them to plan their sales and marketing strategies in going forward.

Want to know more? For more information on outsourcing customer service, to provide comprehensive assistance to clients 24/7 and to grow your business, please contact our customer service experts.

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