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Christmas Shopping | Creating extra time for yourself through Outsourcing Christmas Cover

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It might only be the first day of September, but businesses across the UK are already underway with planning their Christmas timetable, to ensure that every single order is met over the coming months.

The autumn time can be the busiest period for UK retailers, with many relying on this season to build their best revenue during the year. Not all business wish to recruit extra employees, just to cover those few months of the year. Yet meeting extra demand and covering the extra hours during the build-up, and through the busy periods, takes time and preparation.

To alleviate the pressure, WeAnswer are here to let you know, that we can help you and your business over the coming months. So that you can focus on what matters most, sales!

Finding Christmas Cover Support through WeAnswer

  • Orders Through our inbound contact centre, our telephone and digital customer support teams are on hand to manage order enquires and place orders for customers, on behalf of your business.
  • Deliveries The autumn season is one of the busiest for delivery companies who endeavour to meet delivery deadlines on-time. Tracking deliveries and being on hand to reassure customers where their parcels are within the process takes time. Our delivery advisors are available to work closely and directly between the customer and your designated courier company to ensure that the process is a positive experience.
  • Returns For retailers, the post-Christmas returns can be as busy as the run up to Christmas. With an anticipation that up to 25% of your sales stock could be returned, it is important to manage the process as effectively as possible. Furthermore, it is research proven that customers who receive a positive return process are likely to buy off you again and so meeting their needs can create a future promising sales opportunity.
  • Out of Hours Whilst holidays are important for your employee’s wellbeing, they can be a stretch for you as a business owner. WeAnswer provide out-of-hours call support during office closures, evenings, and weekend, so that your customers are constantly kept in contact and appreciate that their needs are met.
  • On-call Services For those companies who have engineers out on the road and need back-office support to connect them with customers who need urgent assistance. Furthermore, WeAnswer are here to manage those enquiries and to make sure that the right call-out appointment is sent to the correct engineer.

We would love to hear from you!

For all of your Christmas Cover Support needs and to make a non-obligatory enquiry about how we can help to support your business at a competitive cost, please get in touch for further information.

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