Preparing your website for Christmas orders

Christmas Orders

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Across the UK retailers are beginning to think about Christmas 2023, which for many stores now means transforming their rails and shop windows, to entice Christmas shoppers through their doors during the coming months. Afterall, promotional signs and windows displays are all extremely important to capture customers’ imagination and to encourage them to have a look around the retail store.

With that in mind, let’s not forget the online approach too! The UK is leading the online retail sector, within Europe online sales constituted 26.5 percent of overall retail sales in the country in 2022, over double the amount from exactly one decade prior’, according to It’s important that retailers get their online presence right over the coming months. Without it, orders could never leave the shopping basket and sales, and subsequently deliveries could be lost.

Building your website to successfully accept Christmas orders

So how can retailers build their website to operate successfully during the coming months?

  1. Check the website in terms of stock availability – Are all your product lines up to date?
  2. Are the details accurate? Aspects such as product codes, descriptions, colours, sizes and pricing will all need double checking.
  3. Does the website work well on both apple and android phones? Check the website across all devices to ensure that customers can freely navigate throughout your product catalogue and test important functionalities like menus and the search facility.
  4. Can you add a long-term basket facility or a ‘save for later’ list? It is a well-known fact that online shoppers like to browse and make lists. Just because they don’t buy it immediately, doesn’t mean that they won’t be back to buy at all and so offering positive interactive online experiences, which save them time will enhance the opportunity of a sale.
  5. What is the payment facility like? Is it easy to pay for goods and most importantly is it secure? Do you offer Apple or Google pay for quick payment opportunities. Test the functionality to ensure that this step is as easy as possible and to capture those orders in the moment.

Test, Test, Test!

Finally retail businesses are encouraged to Test, Test, Test! Test everything and furthermore ask your team and your friends to test the website too. All their feedback will be extremely valuable to you and it’s better that you find out through them, rather than through a customer, or worst still that you never hear back from the customer because they have left your website, for your competitor’s.

WeAnswer are here to let you know that we mange orders, deliveries and returns for retail companies across the UK. It’s a well-known fact, that not only do happy customers return again and again to place further orders, but they will also recommend your business to their friends, family, and work colleagues. Whether it’s one-off seasonal and Christmas customer support, or something more permanent, we help to improve customer services and grow successful retail business. To find out more, please contact us.

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