Prioritising customer service over the Christmas season

Prioritising customer service

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Throughout the next few months, UK businesses will be busy preparing for the Christmas season in terms of manufacturing, selling, and stock delivery, and together with this prioritising customer service should also be a major focus.

Furthermore, “with over 91% of customers considering a returns policy as an important part of the buying decision”, according to a recent article by, it’s extremely important that businesses put adequate customer service in place to respond to their needs.

As a customer, making the right buying decision online isn’t always easy to achieve. Finding what you are looking for in terms of size, colour and quality can be tricky and customers don’t always make the right choice. Yet having a good customer service team on hand to respond to the problem can quickly fix an issue. By  deterring a customer from complaining on social media or leaving a bad review about the business, their expectations are met with a positive outcome.

Prioritising customer service with WeAnswer

Over the Christmas season item returns are inevitable for many different reasons. This month at WeAnswer, we are encouraging retail stores and online businesses to think about how they will be prioritising customer service over the coming months. This may include the following:

  1. Creating a dedicated team within the business to centrally focus on customer service
  2. Setting up a specific phoneline to deal with customer service queries
  3. Nominating a team to focus on online customer service queries
  4. Checking that the return policy meets the needs of both customer and business
  5. Checking that company terms and conditions are up to date and reflect the return policy
  6. Outsourcing your customer service team if you don’t have time or resources to implement all of the above!

Finally, are you looking at implementing and prioritising customer service for your business? Here at WeAnswer we provide a CX service to support UK companies who are looking to outsource that specific area of their company. This maybe because they don’t have the resources right now or that it’s a service which they only need for seasonal months of the year. For more information, please contact our customer service experts team or see our website for further details on customer service business support.

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