Reducing Cybercrime within Customer Service Security

beating cybercrime

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Fraudulent activities are all too ever prevalent within today’s environment and neither your business nor your customers want to fall victim to a cybercrime. Whilst regularly we are told not to hand over personal details or not to open that unscrupulous email, often somehow cyber criminals still seem to get the better of both businesses and customers.

Not only does cybercrime create financial loss, it also damages reputations and lowers self-esteem. Building customer trust helps to create credible brands and so as customer service operatives, we should continually assess how to improve the way in which we handle customer data and methods of communication.

Understanding cybercrime and mitigating risk

Cyber criminals and fraudsters are extremely clever at delivering their role. They play on vulnerabilities and will often come across persuasive or with a sense of urgency. It is important that we all understand this and so that if a situation arises, we can take a moment to investigate further and to check if the circumstance is legitimate or not, before proceeding further with their request.

  • From a customer perspective – Never hand over bank details over the phone or internet. Always check that emails are sent from a valid source, rather than a phishing email which can pose as a company. If you receive a call, remember that you can always put down the phone and then call back via a number printed on a valid admin document or via the company website.
  • From a business perspective – Implement 2 step factor authentication so that customers are provided with further levels of security. Carry out regular cyber security assessments to see where vulnerabilities could occur. Encourage employees to discuss any cyber security concerns and offer them training on what to look out for. Look at employing third party IT and cyber security services who specialise in this area and can regularly monitor services.

Here at WeAnswer, we take cyber security and customer data on behalf of clients, extremely seriously. As a reputable supplier of customer services to retail businesses, service engineer support, virtual receptionist and charity contact centre roles, we appreciate that sharing personal information during a customer services process needs to be secure at all times. To find out more about how we safely communicate with customers, on behalf of business please contact us for more details.

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