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Finding the right retail support to is essential for companies to sustain a good reputation and encourage customers to return, again and again.

According to analytics research company SAS, “A third of UK customers would ditch companies after just one poor experience”.

Historically, online ordering has often been associated with price comparisons to find the cheapest priced product. However, it does seem that consumers are changing these buying habits and are returning to brands that they know, and love. Subsequently, this form of purchasing is becoming increasingly popular again.

After all, brands which continue to grow and sustain longevity are those with good quality products which aren’t necessarily the cheapest. They also have an excellent behind the scenes team of retail support to take care of customers. These teams are there to iron out any challenges within the business.

Whilst, these types of businesses don’t always offer the cheapest products, customers can be rest assured that they are going to be looked after throughout their purchasing experience.

Leaning on WeAnswer for retail support

Did you know that at WeAnswer we are more than just a standard customer contact centre? As your dedicated outsourced customer services team, we take the initial steps to really understand your brand. We investigate the products which your company sells, how they work and what options are available to your customers.

This means that our team can understand as much information as possible about your business. We advise on the best customer care through our OMNI customer service programme. Our customer support services include:

  • responses to website enquiries
  • making contact though social media messaging
  • taking telephone enquiries

Offering enquiry responses for:

  • customer support answers to product queries
  • further technical info on product information
  • how to order information and tracking orders
  • return requests

If you feel that WeAnswer could be a great support to your own business, then please get in touch to find out more about how can relieve your business of customer service support or see our customer service website for more details.

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